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Our Process

All of our CBD products begin with sustainably sourced organic hemp. This Hemp is milled down and then ran through an extraction process resulting in CBD distillate. The distillate is then put through a crystallization process Resulting in 99% Pure CBD isolate. This CBD isolate is then lab tested for purity and chemicals.

About Cannatonic

Top cannabis products for the top cannabis connoisseur!

At Cannatonic we produce only the highest quality cannabis products with a reputation for excellence. With decades of combined experience, Our Cannabis is cultivated with the utmost care and precision from veg to extraction, offering the quality, potency, and taste you crave. Rigorous testing insures our products can be reliably trusted. No steroids, pesticides, or additives used! We promise to continue to create Quality you can see, Potency you can feel.



We offer a variety of tinctures that can be incorporated into your health routine to enjoy the benefits of CBD. The advantage of our tinctures is that they are fast-acting.

A couple drops orally will start to enter the bloodstream rapidly without having to go through digestion. The effects normally last from 1-2 hours. You can also try adding our unflavored tincture to your favorite beverage without changing the taste you love.

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