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Quality in Quality out! All of our CBD products begin with high quality, USA grown, Organic hemp. We then carefully extract the CBD molecules using state of the art manufacturing processes until we achieve Pure CBD. At Cannatonic we developed our line of CBD products so you can feel the difference. Pure, Simple, Safe...

About Cannatonic

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At Cannatonic we have a reputation for producing high quality cannabis products. After trying so many Overpriced oils on the market and being disappointed in the results and taste, we decided to use our expertise to craft amazing tasting, effective, and affordable CBD products. Made in small batches, Lab Tested and always backed by our 30 Day Guarantee!



Our CBD tinctures can be applied topically or orally. We tested hundreds of flavor combinations before narrowing down the best 3, Natural, Cookie, and Tangie. By utilizing the natural uplifting effect of citrus, our Tangie tincture helps keep your mind focused, while our Cookie inspired tincture promotes a sense of relaxation of both the mind and body. CBD oil tinctures are fast-acting. A couple drops orally will start to enter the bloodstream rapidly.

Our Natural and Pet CBD oils are odorless and flavorless. Perfect for sensitive skin, or adding to your favorite meal or drink without altering the taste. We know how picky some pets can be when it comes to meal time. Rather than having dozens of flavors (chicken, beef, salmon, lamb, peanut butter, etc) to choose from, we found flavorless worked best! By simply adding our CBD to your pets food you can easily incorporate it into their diet.

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