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3 Ways Athletes Use CBD for Sports

3 Ways Athletes Use CBD for Sports

Athletes put a lot of stress on their bodies from rigorous training and practice. Daily high impact activity can lead to injuries, chronic pain, and lower athletic performance. These aches and pains cause athletes to not only look for healing remedies but solutions that don’t have long term adverse effects. 

As the cannabinoid industry grows, more and more professional athletes opt for holistic remedies like CBD tinctures to eliminate the stress and pain that comes with strenuous activity. The popularity of the substance, along with studies highlighting CBD benefits, has even influenced its legalization. In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency and US Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from their list of prohibited substances, allowing athletes to use CBD freely. 

Here are three ways that athletes use CBD for sports:

1. Pain Relief and Reducing Inflammation

CBD is an analgesic, meaning it has pain-relieving properties. Athletes use CBD to manage pain that comes from normal soreness after a workout or as a result of an injury. CBD can also be used to reduce inflammation, a natural response to swelling and pain. Research shows that CBD can be used to reduce inflammation–a natural reaction to injury and anxiety–and suppress swelling and soreness to protect our muscles. 

2. Sleep and Relaxation

Athletes need to relax after all of the physical activity they do, and the best form of relaxation is sleep. Sleep helps the body repair itself and helps with memory retention and formation

CBD treats the insomnia athletes tend to feel after releasing all that serotonin, so athletes get a decent night of rest to perform better and recover at a faster rate. 

3. Alternative to Over-the-Counter Drugs

While athletes mitigate their inflammation or soreness in their muscles and joints by using CBD, they also turn to CBD as an alternative to other anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-inflammatory drugs like NSAIDS contain acetaminophen and are known to cause liver damage with regular usage. When athletes are seriously injured, many of them have turned to opioids to treat their pain. In the wake of the opioid crisis, CBD is a better alternative because studies have shown that it is not addictive.


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