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About Us

Pure. Simple. Safe.

We’re a team of Cannabis Professionals that have decades of experience working with cannabis. Our goal is to share high-quality, affordable, cannabis products with people trying to access the benefits of the plant. Our products are clean and potent, carefully grown and manufactured using the most state-of-the-art practices.

Our Mission

At Cannatonic our goal is to provide you with high-quality cannabis products at affordable prices, shipped to your door. We take the hassle away and replace it with the ease of ordering online!

For the last several years we have been using our expertise to produce clean and potent flower and concentrate formulas for the California medical market. We are now expanding nationwide with our CBD line of products, starting with tinctures and capsules. As cannabis legalization continues to spread, we hope to one day offer our amazing line of THC rich products to everyone as well!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes to us from the cannabis family, mainly in the form of CBD rich Hemp. CBD oil activates the Endocannabiniod system in the bodies of Humans and Pets. THC receptors are found only in the brain, however CBD receptors are found in every cell in the body.
Because of this, CBD oil is so versatile. CBD tincture oil can be applied topically to affected areas of pain or discomfort, or taken orally to help regulate internal health.

CBD oil comes in many strengths, colors, and "spectrums" and can be confusing to some. Current laws limit THC strength to 0.3% . At Cannatonic we believe 0.3% THC is only enough to make you possibly fail a drug test, not receive the therapeutic effects of THC. So we offer the purest form of CBD possible. Unlike grassy tasting raw Hemp Oil, Cannatonic CBD oil is rich and flavor full! Containing only 100% of what you are after, CBD! We do the hard work for you and designed all of our products to be Full Strength. No more guessing about how many droppers are needed. We provide a perfect dose accounting for the bio-availability of CBD .

Powered By The Plant

By using different processes we can start with a beautiful plant and end up with multiple unique products that fit every type of lifestyle.

Our ancestors have been using the cannabis plant for relief for thousands of years. Some of us may not be here today if it wasn't for the healing properties of CBD and THC helping our families get through the struggles of the past. Now with modern technology Cannatonic is able to enhance the effects and potency of your favorite plant, Cannabis. Experience the power of the plant for yourself!