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Can CBD Oil Help With Weightloss?

Can CBD Oil Help With Weightloss?

Weight loss has been a central topic of discussion for households and work offices for decades. At least once a day, it seems as though someone relatively close in our lives is mentioning bodyweight and how to lose it. If it’s not someone we know, its the stranger we meet on the elevator, the person in the snack aisle at the grocery store, or every other commercial on television. It has become so ingrained in the American culture that the thought of losing weight is second nature. 

The downside of conversing about weight loss is that most of us vent about its struggles with little action. However, the lack of work does not mean we are not trying to lose weight, but often we do not understand how. With so many products and methods being thrown at us on a daily, the thought of productively changing our lifestyle becomes overwhelming. Not to mention, pricey. We want to make sure we spend our hard-earned money on products that work! 

That is why we at Canntonic, fully understand the questions that come along with CBD linking to weight loss. It’s hard to trust substances when so many products have failed. We want to honestly inform you of how CBD affects weight and how it may be beneficial for you. It is not a miracle oil, and every person’s body reacts differently, but it does carry natural abilities we’re sure you’d love to learn about. 

Benefits of CBD Oil for Weightloss 

The International Journal of Molecular Science published a study in 2018, regarding the Role of Cannabinoids in Obesity. Within this study, research shows that cannabinoids have a direct link to weight loss. Data revealed weight loss could occur through CBD influencing metabolic functions.

The intake of CBD activates natural cannabinoids that already exist within the body. These natural cannabinoids are then signaled to either activate CB receptors or block them off. CB receptors help the regulation of food intake, as well as inflammation. The receptors can be broken down into CB1 and CB2. The blocking of CB1 is what is suggested to control the metabolism, which results in weight loss reduction. The stimulation of CB2 reduces food intake and weight gain. This process plays a significant role in maintaining a reduced appetite to naturally and adequately decrease body fat. 

In addition to research proving CB receptors link to metabolism, the receptors are also “responsible for transforming white adipose tissue towards beige or brown adipocytes.” This process is called “browning,” which works as an anti-obesity function that involves thermogenic activity. It occurs when energy dissipates as heat, causing positive, energetic reactions to influence higher glucose disposal and increased rest. 

Aside from scientific studies unveiling the positive effects of CBD and weight loss, we believe you shouldn’t only rely on the substance to reach your goals. We encourage you to take natural CBD Tincture or CBD capsules once a day but also follow a nutritious diet and fitness guide specially formulated for your body. Furthermore, we’ve listed some of our favorite tips to remember when trying to lose weight. 

Tips to Help You Lose Weight Fast 

1. Drink WATER! 

The Institution of Medicine recommends about 3 liters a day for men and a little over 2 liters a day for women. For those hitting the gym multiple times a day, stay as hydrated as possible.

2. Try HIIT Workouts

High-intensity interval training is some of the best cardio for people looking to lose a few pounds quickly. Not only does it help shed fat, but the workouts assist in muscle gain and definition, leaving you with a healthy-toned body. 

3. Stay Away From Sugar 

We know it’s difficult, but sugar is as addictive as any drug. The effects of sugar not only cause you to gain weight but damage your skin and teeth in the process. If you have a major sweet tooth, try our CBD Relaxing Tincture that has a delicious cookie taste to please your appetite. It’ll also help you get the rest you need after a long day of sweat. 

4. Rest

As we’ve stated above, sleep is essential when physically working your body. About 6-8 hours of sleep a day is the standard recommended amount. Sleep helps your broken down muscles to recover so you won’t face further injuries. 

Remember to rest your mind as much as your body too. Your thoughts lead your life, and if you never give your brain time to recoup, you can quickly find yourself unenthused and avoiding healthy habits. 


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