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The Use of CBD for Insomnia

The Use of CBD for Insomnia

Insomnia occurs when one is having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. As sleep is one of the most important things we need to function daily, insomnia hinders us from being our healthiest and most productive selves. According to Consumer Reports, almost 80% of Americans have trouble sleeping at least once a week. As a result, 10% of Americans have used CBD to help them sleep, and the majority of them said it worked. These reports, along with additional studies show that CBD products can improve our sleep cycles and help us maintain a good night’s rest.

What causes insomnia?
  • Anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Environmental factors such as noise
  • Physical and medical conditions
  • Caffeine or nicotine
  • Life circumstances such as working irregular hours and taking naps during the day
CBD to Treat Insomnia

For those who are suffering from sleeplessness and symptoms that cause insomnia, such as anxiety or pain, try considering CBD. CBD is a low-risk alternative to other prescribed and over-the-counter medications that cause several adverse reactions and side effects. All-natural CBD can help you function correctly by calming the central nervous system, eventually causing you to fall asleep.

Tips for treating Insomnia with CBD

Consult with your doctor. 

If you are taking other medications or have never used CBD before, be sure to consult with your doctor to help you find the best way to include the substance into your daily life.

Consider which forms to use. 

CBD tinctures or capsules are the most accessible products to incorporate into a nightly routine. A drop from a CBD tincture can be added into beverages such as water, tea, or smoothies. CBD Capsules are easy to ingest and convenient for any lifestyle.  

Understand your body.

It is essential to understand your body and how it reacts to different amounts of CBD. In many cases, a higher dosage promotes sleep, and lower dosages provide active energy. Experiment with a range of drops each time you try CBD to successfully understand which dosage will help you get the sleep you deserve. 


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