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Why Runners Are Now Using CBD Tinctures

Why Runners Are Now Using CBD Tinctures

Autumn is upon us, which means layers of clothes, hot meals, and snoozing as soon as the sunsets. It’s easy to avoid any form of exercise when cold weather compels you to buy a pumpkin spice latte and head straight home to watch the new season of American Horror Story. If you pour the right amount of natural CBD tincture into the latte, you’ll be prepped for a night of great sleep. Isn’t that what fall and winter are all about? 

Well, for runners, working out never ends. A run a day will keep health issues away! However, if not done correctly, injuries may find you. As a runner or even an average person looking to remain healthy, the last thing you want is another reason to snuggle in bed and gain unhealthy weight. 

To combat painful symptoms from running injuries, athletes and specifically runners are now using CBD tinctures. The properties in CBD assist runners in a speedy recovery by taking away their focus on the pain. Most runners choose to use CBD daily with or without injuries being present. 

Before discussing the reason runners are craving the benefits of CBD, let’s look over 4 common running pains and how to prevent them.

4 Common Running Pains 

1. Joint Pains

Many people experience soreness in their joints, especially ankles when running long distances. Avoid any joint injures by running on flat ground, track fields, or treadmills. 

2. Shin Splints 

Shin splints can not only ruin your drive to run but can also become painful enough to prevent any movement at all. Boost your muscular endurance and build your calves to make sure your legs are strong enough to carry your body weight when running. 

3. Hip Pain 

It’s not always how often you run as much as it is how you run. Study your running technique to ensure your posture is correct before continuing your workout journey. A misplaced hip can cause a severe wipeout. 

4. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome or Runner’s Knee 

One of the most talked-about injuries linked to running is knee pain. Make sure to include HIIT workouts or weight lifting to target your quad muscles. Lower body strength is essential when carrying upper body weight while running. 

Tip: Remember to stretch before and after each run. Stretching is a priority! 

Why Runners Are Using CBD Tinctures

It is easy for runners to receive any of the injuries listed above. For this reason, runners are drinking or infusing CBD tinctures into their meals/drinks to help ease the symptoms that come along with the injuries. Tinctures like Cannatonic’s Natural Tincture helps to decrease inflammation and soothe any aches. These reactions cause better mobility and less pain. It allows runners to cope with the pain until the injury is successfully healed. 

Along with its benefits, CBD is often used as a post-run recovery because of its natural properties. Studies have shown positive side effects with NO relation to any diseases or severe impairments. Cannatonic’s tinctures are drug tests approved and do not contain psychoactive abilities. The substance is often used as a natural alternative to prescribed medication, deeming it a safer option. 

Another reason runners are raving about CBD tinctures is that the products can be used to prevent pain as well as decrease it. Daily use of CBD causes receptors to relax the body, working to stop inflammation from occurring beforehand. Now, workout enthusiasts or average people can partake in easy-going runs knowing their body will not be suffering hours later. CBD is a win for us all. 


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